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Highlight in the national and international tourist scenario, Chapada Diamantina is among the main destinations in the northeast. Its people and its exuberant natural sceneries formed by hills, rivers, waterfalls, caves and caverns are unmissable invitations for visitors who seek nature tourism and cultural tourism.


Famous for its biodiversity, the region has a national park and several conservation units, protecting and sheltering unique species of Brazilian fauna and flora, in addition to its waters that supply a large part of the region of Salvador.


The cultural richness of Chapada Diamantina deserves equal mention. The integration of the customs of indigenous, black and European peoples that takes place from the first occupations of the region, through the cycle of gold, mining and finally, tourism, has left its marks. 


From rock art to musical shows, the charming towns around the National Park offer excellent options for tours and cultural programs, from festivals and traditional manifestations, events related to dance, theater and cinema; to museums and visual arts exhibitions.


In cities and tourist villages listed by IPHAN, the trip to Chapada Diamantina is an invitation to travel back in time, contemplate the historic mansions, the Estrada Real and the cobblestone streets, revealing stories and rescuing a simple, rich and colorful way of life .


It is in this context that theVilla Barriguda emerges, presenting itself as a space where nature and culture walk together.

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