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Campos de São João is a town with less than a thousand inhabitants, inland climate and welcoming people. Its cobbled streets and old mansions help tell the cultural history of Chapada Diamantina, especially due to the presence of a stretch of Estrada Real, where the Portuguese Crown transported gold from the interior of Bahia towards Rio de Contas, in the 19th century.


The village has a grocery store, grocery store, homemade pasta shop, pizzeria, bar with snacks, restaurants with homemade food, pharmacy, bakery, health center, memorial and handicraft workshop.
Oh! Of course, we cannot fail to mention that in Campos de São João the production of the most famous sweet in the region takes place: O Doce Dafra!


CAMPOS DE SÃO JOÃO was named after theits vegetation, which features several trees called flor-de-são-joão. His training began in the heyday of the Chapada Diamantina mining, when diamonds were easily found. Campos de São João also served as a shelter for miners and a point of trade for meat between Palmeiras, Lençóis and Andaraí.

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